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Safety Traffic Indoor Mirrors are use for more safety and security in retail stores, warehouses, offices, home, garages, gas station, storage areas, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, subways, etc. Security Indoor Mirrors are in shops to prevent theft and they also provide reassurance and improved personal safety in the offices and other workplace areas. Our standard convex acrylic mirrors are sold with black or white decorative rubber along the periphery. Part of the kit is fasteners with which to mount the mirrors to the desired location. The flexible holder that will target the mirrors in the desired direction has a length of 13 inches, standard on all mirrors. This acrylic mirrors are easy to install and you can adjust to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight and you can bend more than 90°.

Simple install instructions are also included.
We offer discounts for large quantities!

Type Size Frame Size View Distance Weight (LBS)
IN 12" Round 12" 12" 16' 1
IN 16" Round 16" 16" 23' 2
IN 20" Round 20" 20" 26' 2
IN 24" Round 24" 24" 33' 2
IN 32" Round 32" 32" 33' 6
IN 36" Round 36" 36" 56' PRE ORDER

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