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Safety Traffic Dome Mirrors are part of the field providing a very good review and oversight (360°C) large retail shopping centers, warehouses, etc. They are used as a cheaper option for monitoring and in some cases can a dignified way replaced by video surveillance. By proper placement of such mirrors you can get a comprehensive overview of the sides and provide full protection theft and vandalism of yours goods. Safety Traffic Dome Mirrors are mounted directly on the ceiling attached to the chain, chandelier or replace plane which is a part of the suspended ceiling. Eliminate blinds spots in warehouses and offices. The Security Convex Mirrors are excellent tools providing a full reflective hemisphere for use when large area surveillance is the problem. It gives a full 200°C viewing area from any one location.

4 - Way Panoramic 360°C View.
Simple install instructions are also included + chandelier.

We offer discounts for large quantities!

Type Size View Distance Weight (LBS)
DOME 24" 360° 24"x360° 23' 2
DOME 32" 360° 32"x360° 29.5' 2
DOME 40" 360° 40"x360° 43' PRE ORDER

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